Poem – Do You?

Ok so tell me something ,
Can you see what you have done to me?
Just listen to my heart and you will know,
Because then you will know whom I am falling for,

Falling hard, some people call it clumsy some call it art,
But what do I care when I am allowed to stare at you,
Oh and I wouldn’t exchange that for anything,
Don’t judge, you want to stare too,

Just to get to kiss you I walk a mile the thorny shoe,
So pay me always attention and play with me,
And I promise you won’t ever lose me in the crowd ,
Because I will always be close to you,

Do you know, do you know?
What you made me do?
How I can’t stop smiling because of you?
And that’s only the start of what you did to me,

Sometimes it feels like I don’t know what I do,
But that’s only partially true,
So tell me do you like me like that?
Tell me, tell me, tell me,

Do you like me?
Do you like me like this, because if you do,
I require a hug and a kiss.

Poem – Afraid of You

Started with a look and a plain hello ,
Then the next thing I knew I was into you,
I couldn’t talk to you, I thought I’d bother you,
Was so shy I thought I’d die,
Oh well you know how it went down ,
Lucky we meet again in town and you got all over me ,
I could now clearly see, you wanted me ,

And I thought to myself,
What I am supposed to do, when I lose myself near you?
What I am supposed to do when I want you so bad yet I am so afraid?

But then you know,
I wasn’t freezing anymore, it wasn’t 20 below ,
And stood my ground, and you stayed with me,
That’s how we came to be.

Poem – The Beast and Tiny

Every Romeo has his own Juliet ,
And I’ve got my version in crazy colors,
Where the blue and black meet purple and green,
Creating colors only I have seen,

Crazy on the side, no crazy all day and night,
The gal is constantly playing through my mind,
And this is the story of Pebbles and the Beast,
Meet each other in the east,
A land of zero opportunities, but many possibilities,
Where they sealed their love with a kiss.

Poem – The King of Kindness


And the King of Pain and Kindness raised his head
“When people die are they really dead?”
As the court looked at him, baffled, not knowing how to answer him, the king continued
“I asked, and I will ask once more, when people die are they dead for sure?”
A deadly silence blew through the crowd
Like a knife it sliced the air, but no one seemed to care
They were all just looking, a blank stare at their faces
No one knew, no one knew what the king was on or what he’ll do
“I see the blank stares, the minds that don’t care.
For you, I know the answer, it’s not a secret that all of you are dead.
And it pains me, it makes me sad, to see living beings that are already dead.
In my heart and in my head, I don’t feel dead.
My body is weak, I can’t hear and I can barely see, but I am alive, that’s what’s inside of me.
The eyes of mine that can’t see and the ears of mine that can’t hear are nothing to be afraid,
I feel, I can see with my heart, I can tell with my mind, and as I look around I feel like I can’t leave it be.
When you look into your heart are you free?
Listen to the music of your heart, dance and sing, feel the love and come back to me.
Children of the regretful prophecy, I am sure there is no need to be afraid of me, I didn’t kill you, but you will kill me.
I see, there are a few of you that can look down your heart, but there are many more that can’t see anything but the floor.
Don’t worry children, as a king of kindness and pain I won’t die in vain.
Give me your pain and I shall open your eyes, give me your pain and I’ll let you hear, give me your pain and I will take away your fear and once again give me your pain and I shall share with you my love, my kindness.
From now on I will keep silent, I have no choice.
Be patient I am getting to the point.
I can’t stop the story, the world is still spinning, but I can determine its end.
If only I could find the right words, but your ears won’t hear.
If only I could find the right deeds, but your eyes won’t see.
Slowly I will disappear, you won’t hear me, you won’t see me, but you shall feel me.
Because I found a way, the way to revive your hearts and minds.
Your souls shall thank me one day, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy the end of my play.”
So said the King and so it was
His appearance, it only was
Useless and lazy went away
Darkness vanished from the hearts
And where once hatred was love ruled
As the pain went away
The King went with it
And with the pain the dead were gone
Only the living remained
Except for the one living
He was gone.


Poem – Hot Summer Day

On a summer day, within the summer breeze
Within the hotness of the day,
You flew away,
You starter your journey on the other side,
Where the green leafs shine bright,
Stepping on the clouds you follow your goal,
Not looking down,
Not seeing the sorrow.
Where you go, there is no today,
Nor a tomorrow ,
But neither have we, nor can we see,
As the wind came, so did the rain,
And the hot summer day was washed away.
The things we knew, the things we didn’t accept as true
They all were caused by you.

Poem – Shade of Blue






The dawn of the morning,
Sun rise of the world,
It’s the most lonely view from my little room,
Beautiful, fascinating, but it burns my eyes,

Not the sun, not the earth,
But it is the sky that makes me rub my eye,
It burns, it’s shade of blue hits my soul and takes me back to you,
The loneliest shade of blue.