Poem – Rainbow in a Snowstorm






Short time, even shorter play,
That’s how our lives drift away,
With no time to care, love or cherish,
In the end, because of time we all parish,

Memories is all that remains,
Great days in the sun,
Amazing stories of the young gone,
Remembered in a sad, sad song,

As for me, no burden is greater,
No fear more frightening,
Yet everyone think they can feel the same as me,
I hope you won’t ever feel like me,

Because the burden that I carry is not a single one,
There are many,
In many shapes and many sizes,
All impaled in my back, hence I can only feel them,

I can not see, I just feel,
Going forward, dripping blood,
Feeling like there are daggers, axes, hammers and even a sword,
All impaling my back, while you hold onto the grips,

Those shadows, those heavy burdens,
They all want to grab a hold of me,
Pull me back, destroy what I build out of me,
But my brother stood tall, and I shall stand even taller,

For each of your pull I will grow stronger,
For each of drop of my blood I will grow taller,
And one day, one faithful day,
I will turn around,

And on that one day,
On the beautiful day,
The same as it was once before,
I shall see the rainbow in the snowstorm once more.

Poem – Dare To Rust






Do you not care, do you not see ?
Do you breath the name of your savior in your hour of need?
Do you taste the blame, does the flavor remind you of your sin?

Can you stop the fire from within ?
What if I am the rain?
What if I am your savior?
Will you feed the rain?

The world starts to rust,
I think my heart is about to bust ,
It’s all a game , avoiding failure,
All in the name of the great savior,
And all those things we don’t need,

I am lost, I hope to never fall,
But that wouldn’t be the end to it all,
I want to feed the rain,
Let it pour ,
Because without it I am not alive,
Without it, it just rusts from the inside,

The savior looks down on us,
She smiles and doesn’t let the rain come and wash our sins away,
But this time I won’t need the savior ,
I will feed the rain, I am thirsty for love and I will dance,
I will dance under the sunny sky’s until someone cries.

Poem – Brother

I can’t yell any louder,
Can’t you hear my voice calling you,
You disappear into the light,
Leaving me here,

They say it’s all gods way,
That’s what they say,
Can you believe a god goes against our plan,
It does not want to follow the law of the men,

I challenged him,
He took you away from me,
But you and me
Brothers against gods, the true enemy

I will get you back,
Hell I’ll freeze over and over again,
Until I get to you ,
So please don’t give up,

I forgot to tell you,
How much you mean to me,
And I need you,
Brother, I need you,

Please come back to me.

Poem – Ball Is Life

I fight day by day,
To get great ,
To become a legend,
It’s my dream my path,
It’s my destiny to become what I want to be,
That what I shall be is long decided by my destiny,
“The legend” and “the great”,
Will be added to my name,
Everything you say can’t hurt me,
I am ready for every challenge,
Every game, every time,
IĀ bring my A game to shine,
Record after record,
Score after score,
Until there is no more,
No one to challenge me,
No one to come near me ,
No one that will beat me,
Until when he appears,
I will train,
Develop my skills,
Until you can every crossover kills,
Until there are no more hard drills,
‘Till the day my eye turns black,
Till then I will practice, play defense and attack.

Writing Guide – Word Limitation, Good or Bad?

There comes a time where you think about writing something, but you read somewhere that writing that kind of thing will require X words to be good. Let say you have to write an article for a basketball review and you read somewhere that there is a minimum of 1000 words for an review article to be good. What would you do?

Well let us get into the topic on why limitation is not good for you or your writing.

The More The Faker

To make an engaging article, you should always write like you are telling someone a story. It is not as easy as it sounds, but the more relaxed you are and the less complicated you make it, the better. Hence the “required” word count for your post is a very bad concept. You can easily describe a product with ten sentences or with two, but the importance is the content of those sentences. Just compare those examples and see what’s the best:

  1. “The basketball bounces, and it is really orange. It arrives without the air so you have to prepare your pump and pump air in it, unless you don’t want it to bounce.”
  2. “Basketball X7 is a very new model of the X Company which is famous for their indoor balls that are used for most official games in Europe. The texture of the ball feels great in your hand and it is not slippery even when the ball is new. Those balls are also good for outdoor play, but will, as all leather balls, fray and will not be good for play later.”
  3. “Basketball X7 is a round shaped object made out of special leather that is imported from Kongo, while the rubber that is underneath is from Germany. It can be filled with 2 kg of air and the optimal pressure inside the ball should 1.6 to 1.8, for an optimal bouncing off the ground. The ball should be filled up with air before usage due to the ball requiring air to function. It’s round shape is not so roundĀ  but still round enough so you can be able to dribble the ball like you should when you fill it up the air. It is a good product.”
  4. “A perfect example of a good indoor basketball is the Basketball X7, the newest ball from X company, which is again a leather ball made for indoor plays but it can be used outside as well. The ball will be used in European major leagues from next year and is currently considered as the candidate to replace the official basketballs around the world. It’s made out of quality leather and hence the price is a bit above average, but it still affordable and worth every penny. You can buy it on the x website or in their stores around the world.”

As you can see there is a big difference between 1,4 and 2,3. Two and three are very bad written, they don’t help you at all, while one and two are better written but a bit more helpful. Compared to two and three, one and two are just providing you the information you need without any extra fuss(like three).

So as you can see sometimes it can just look fake and forced like the number two and three, and readers will just close the window and google again, hence words do not matter but the content does, your style does, and this is the sole reason you need to practice.

Limitations Force You To Write Stupid Stuff

Think about having to write an essay back in high school or grade school. Remember “You must have at least a thousand of words for the essay on this book that is very boring but I force you to read and write about.” , if you remember you can clearly remember the pain to find more words so your sentences are longer and so you can just finish it with the given quota. Now imagine doing the same essay without any requirements. Amazing right?

Not only would you be able to express yourself the way you want to, but your essay value would rise immensely, because when you can tell it your way without any worry you will be able to prove your point way easier, and it wouldn’t look like you used thesaurus for every word.

In conclusion, be yourself and tell the story, don’t tell it about yourself (remember no one cares about you, I wrote a guide on why that is here), but tell the story/your opinions about the product.

Story – A Letter to Basketball

Dear Basketball,
You always were more than just a game for me and millions around the world. You are the responsible for my first feel of what it actually means to work as one, it is your fault I have a strong will that no pain be it physical or mental can break, you are the one who thought me to be responsible for my actions, and you are the one that brought joy and pain to my world in matter of seconds.

The love I felt for you grew since the first day I got a basketball, since the first day I saw my father play with his friends, since the day I managed to score my first basket, it only grew and it grew. The feelings that you gave me brought me to the border of tears, tears of joy and tears of pain.

I remember the first time I got hurt, I didn’t want to stop playing, so I didn’t. I remember the first time I lost the game because I couldn’t do the things I was supposed to, heart broken but I wasn’t ready to give up. Remember that time I missed the winning shot, yeah I do to, and do you remember when my team was on a winning streak, and then the coach wasn’t letting me play due to some stupid papers, remember when he said “Look how much one player means to the whole team, if he played we would’ve won” remember that?
All those times that I got to a few points to win just to be hit back and have to get up again, I remember all of them, but then there are those other times…those magical times. Remember that first time I touched the rim, I felt like touching the sky, I couldn’t feel the earth beneath me, I felt like flying, like his Airiness.
And do you remember the first time I dunked, and dunked it again and again I dunked till my hands bleed till my legs were shaking. I was so happy I could do something the best can do.
Then it went all up, a kids game changed to a pros game, faster players, smarter minds and stronger elbows. I ran, I freaking ran my lungs out, I was skinny, almost died a few times from overworking myself, yet I was there, in the spotlight with my brothers. With teammates that held together no matter what. We were all starts, even though our experiences and player skills differed from one extreme to another, here we were working as a team, eating as a team, breathing as a team. We were family.

Trust me, I feel the love of my family, and it just gets bigger and bigger every time I play, every time I practice, every time I get the ball in my hand it’s all just family love.
Fine and good until that fall, remember the pain? I still feel it. I couldn’t dunk for a year, I couldn’t walk for a year, I couldn’t be in my heaven, on the court where I could be me, I just couldn’t be.
Tears didn’t come out, blood, that’s what I got instead of sweat as I worked out. D.Rose, what an inspiration, man he fell the same as me, we had the same surgery, he is back, I am going to be back.

I fell so hard, and pretended everything is fine, but I knew, I knew that I will have to walk barefoot on shattered glass that’s set on fire. But Rose did it, so I had to do it. I didn’t want to lose you, so every day I worked out.

I was in the worst place in my life, only darkness around me and the ball would just roll away into it, and no matter how fast I ran I couldn’t get it, no matter how hard I hustled it was just out of reach. Until…until the day I got back into the gym.

I failed, but I tried again, and again and again and again, and then….then it happened. I dunked the ball again. And I felt like I blossomed, like the winter was over and summer is back again. All the colors came back to me and darkness wasn’t even near me, the ball just rolled towards me not away from me.

Remember all those times? Well here I am now, still playing, still growing thanks to you. That’s why, basketball I can’t go without you.

I love you, I love this game.

Poem – A Thousand Nights






One step forward, please don’t stop,
Get going,
I am right behind you,
Never forget that,
Never ever forget that,

I will always be right behind you,
And when you fall ,
I will be there to hold you,
To push you forward,
And I will ever do,

All that I will ever do,
Is being behind you,
Supporting you,
Don’t cry,
Don’t waste your tears on meaningless things,
Like a thousand storms,
Make the world bow before you ,
Tame the wilde beast that is life,
And after you do,
I will be there behind you ,
Still following you,
Until the end of the world.

Poem – Children’s Game






Laughter is the only thing that keeps me sane,
While the world around me is crying, more and more,
I turn my pain into a full blown war,

Wished you lived forever, underneath the sky so colorful,
But faith is a childish game, and the children stopped playing,
They started to sing, they created this melody,
It sounded like you and me,
It was our symphony, yet you weren’t near me.

Writing Guide – The Importance of Headlines






We all know by now that first impressions are the most important when it comes to interaction with another member of the human race. Blogs are not part of the human race, hence they have a very different approach to things.

I am sure by now you failed to avoid clicking that click bait tittle that you knew will lead you to a spam site. Now those titles create the WCB kind of first impression. WCB is short for “won’t come back”. and this kind of impression is exactly what it sounds like. Yes you will get a few click, but no visitor will return to your site.

To be sure that you don’t fail under the WCB category you must create a good title. The important keys for a good title are essentially up to your research. Find out what your readers are looking for. For example in this blog I would post “Writing Guide – Simple Tricks to Write Faster” as a lot of you want to know how to write efficient and fast.

Do not try to create click bait titles or titles that are too simple, so “How to write a 1000 – page book in a day with our secret method” and “Get Better at Writing” are no goes. There are 3 attributes for a good title:

  • Informs the reader what the main topic of the article is
  • Promises the answer to the readers question
  • Gets the reader interested

The point is to combine those 3 attributes in a way that they fit together, balance each other one. We can’t have the full answer in the headline as it would make the article useless, why read more if you got the answer?

As stated the answer should be only hinted, and the reader should be made curious about the content of the article. With this, we can clearly say that the two last points (Promises of the answer to the readers question and Getting Readers Interested) have a few things in common, but don’t take it too lightly.

There are still a lot of differences between those two, take one out and you have a worthless article (In the case that the title gives the answer and doesn’t just hint it) or a click bait title(if you try to hard to interest the reader).

In Conclusion:

The title of your article should be an eye-catching, informative piece of work, that gives off enough details for the reader to be interested in the answer yet not able to know it for sure until he reads the whole article.

Poem – Afraid of You

Started with a look and a plain hello ,
Then the next thing I knew I was into you,
I couldn’t talk to you, I thought I’d bother you,
Was so shy I thought I’d die,
Oh well you know how it went down ,
Lucky we meet again in town and you got all over me ,
I could now clearly see, you wanted me ,

And I thought to myself,
What I am supposed to do, when I lose myself near you?
What I am supposed to do when I want you so bad yet I am so afraid?

But then you know,
I wasn’t freezing anymore, it wasn’t 20 below ,
And stood my ground, and you stayed with me,
That’s how we came to be.