Poem – Grown Old

My skin started to grow old,
Eyes go blind,
Heart goes weak,

My feelings died out,
All that is left of me,
Is it my legacy?

Is it the memory of me?
The future in front of me?
Or is it the mind that lives in me?

As I heard that sound,
The world was brought down,
As my thoughts drifted to you,

I remembered then,
When reaching for your hand,
What the world meant to you and me,

My skin grew old,
As I thought about you,
I couldn’t feel old,
I couldn’t feel anything anymore,
Just knew that you weren’t there no more.

Poem – The Warrior One

The gentle wind blows away the blood of my face
A battle that never ends, tears that never dry
Gently walking over the field of stained flowers
Looking up to the sky, even the sky cries
Even the blue and sunny sky is in pain
And it rains, oh god it rains down on me
Washing away the last drop of blood off of me
I can hear the wolves sing, they howl
The crows fly above me and they watch
They watch me closely
As if I am the enemy, as if I am the only one
The fallen, the alive and the wounded
They all stare at me,
As I created my own tragedy.

Poem – Life in my Hand






I can’t keep up with the world,
Since it tries to act as a double edge sword,
The more I kill the enemy,
The more it pierces through me,
In the end I don’t have anything to defend,
In the end should I pretend,
Not to be hurt,
And just smile,
When in fact I am about to die,
The string of faith are not so strong,
They break as you walk along,
Ripped apart when you start creating art,
And when you close yourself inside,
Do you think you will die with pride?
The sword keeps pushing inside of you,
No matter what you do,
No matter what you think,
No matter what you feel,
In the end you’ll see what’s fake and what’s real,
Emotions and facts combined in life’s artifacts,
When you see one run,
Because harm will be done with one look,
That’s all it took,
That’s all what it ever takes when you gaze,
And that’s not the end of the story,
Because you are driving a freaking lorry,
To an unknown destination,
Through the forest of procrastination,
The mountains of your desperation,
And the roads of great depression,

Yet you are there sitting on your comfy chair,
Goin’ 80 miles per hour,
Screaming about life being sour,
The favorite thing about it is not knowing where you are going,
Because if you knew, what would you change, what would you be ever able to do?
I don’t know me, I don’t know you,
What I really want to do is create myself,
Mold the me into whatever I want to be,
Stay true to the values I hold so dear,
And preserver,
Life is not all about defense or attack,
Even if the double end sword will get me one day,
I will be able to say my last words,
They will echo to the chamber of life and death, in between,
You know what I mean?
It will reach the end of the world, the end of the universe,
Because it will be like a fire from a verse
It will hit deep and wake the gods up from their sleep,
Then, you ask me, what will happen?
What will become of you?
What will become of me?
I don’t know a thing bout you, but I will go out smiling, what will you do?

Poem – My Utopian Lie

Oh wind that brings the joy of fresh air,
Please blow my tears and take them far away,
On this journey, be my guide, don’t let me die inside,

Oh how bad it is to walk in circles,
To painfully relieve your past day in and day out,
What joy must the heavens have on our behalf,

Once it’s broken, once it stopped,
They will be the ones that are mocked,
In their blissful blue sky, there we will make them cry,

Will it ever end, oh my dearest friend will my pain end?
One by one my thoughts die, one by one they vanish in my cry,
And the circle remains untouched, unscratched and they laugh at me from the sky,

But one day, one faithful day,
When the city is paved in the colors of our youth,
The rain can’t wash away the feelings that we want to feel,

When heaven is here, when I can set foot on it,
Then I will join him, the sinner no one prays for,
Oh my, did we build our heaven on the back of hell?

It doesn’t matter anyway,
The Devil and I will dance away,
In the shadow of a great new day.