Poem – Dream On






I used to sit on the throne ,
My mind was blown,
When you are at the top,
You don’t look up,
You look down,
And that’s the big mistake,
That’s the mistake that I made ,
When you at the top go on ,go higher,
Because if you don’t ,
The top will move down to the bottom,
And you start from zero again ,
But how can you start from zero,
If you think your giving a 100%?
Now don’t let others fool you,
Stay true to you,
And never stop,
I can see it in your eyes,
An open window,
You took it for granted,
And now you are left empty handed,
Start something new,
Be true to whats inside of you,
And climb the ladder to the top,
Do what ever it takes,
Break a sweet,
But never give up on your dream,
Because the day you give up on your dream,
It’s the day that you give up on yourself,
But not only yourself,
You give up on all the people,
On all the people that supported your dream,
You think they are not many, but look around you,
Look at your friends,
Look at your family,
Look at the world ,
All of those want you to make it ,
Doesn’t matter if they show it or not,
Actually I don’t care what the world says,
I believe in you,
I trust you,
I think you will live your dream,
But you can’t give up on it now,
Not yet,
Lets dream,
We gonna make it,
One day,
One grateful and amazing day,
We will stand on a high hill,
And scream at the top of our lungs ,
And no one could tell you otherwise,
But that don’t mean you need to look down at them,
Help people live their dream,
Remember this my friend,
Your dream, its not the only dream,
Don’t you ever forget the things I said,
I know its hard now,
But dream on,
Dream on my friend.

Poem – Open Eyes





Dreams, oh dreams,
How I wish I had dreams,
Dreams while I am asleep,
Tell me, do you like dreams?

Come feed my pain,
I am thirsty for your brain,
Without it,
Everything turns to dust,

It’s all a game,
To dream the dreams,
To be what we want to be,
But I lost forever,

I can’t dream, I can’t dream again,
And this carnival of colors in my brain,
It never comes to me when I sleep,
No matter how deep,

A flame inside of me that never sleeps,
Yet when I close my eyes it’s all dark,
All this turmoil, all this worry,
Is it all part of my story?

I try, I try to enter the dreamland,
But nothing is there,
My dreams, my dreams,