Poem – Grown Old

My skin started to grow old,
Eyes go blind,
Heart goes weak,

My feelings died out,
All that is left of me,
Is it my legacy?

Is it the memory of me?
The future in front of me?
Or is it the mind that lives in me?

As I heard that sound,
The world was brought down,
As my thoughts drifted to you,

I remembered then,
When reaching for your hand,
What the world meant to you and me,

My skin grew old,
As I thought about you,
I couldn’t feel old,
I couldn’t feel anything anymore,
Just knew that you weren’t there no more.

Poem – Ink

Each story is individual,
Each chapter is magical,
Yet the ink is not limitless.

What is a complete story?
A masterpiece?
Do you really wanna know?

Well then, let me tell you what I know

That kind of story is not in my heart,
It is not in my soul,
Not in my head,

The story you are looking for you will never find,
You shall never see,
Nor hear from me,

A story that found it’s way to you,
The masterpiece for you,
That story, the one you looking for…well it is so much more

It is the slow dance you do in your room,
The breath you take of your favorite perfume,
Oh and let’s not forget the fire that burns in you when you feel the love,

It is in the shadows of your past,
The rainbow of your future,
And the nature of the present,

Never let someone fool you,
The story you are looking for,
It is inside of you,

The glory of the victor,
The pain of failure,
And the fire burning inside, asking for more

It is the story in your head,
The story in YOUR HEART,

ANd that story my dear friend I want to read again,
and again and again, until my story finds an end,
Until our stories write down the final chapter,

Until then my friend,
Let’s write it together,
Let’s make the masterpiece that never ends,
But let’s not leave it in the angels hands,
as we shall be the ones to read them up again and again until the end.


Poem – One Hundred Million Angles

One hundred million angels in white,
And one in a dark dark coat stand outside,
All in white sob, but the one in the coat just stands,

The Angles in white cry out loud your name,
Yet he remains still, not moving just staring down,
Staring on the ground,

He barely saw your face,
Couldn’t bear to look at you,
But he wondered, he wondered how do you do?

One hundred million angles in white singing,
The trumpets roar through the sky,
And he….he stands there, listening to the white angles crying,

There you go in front of everyone,
One hundred million angles or so look for the reason to blame,
As he still watches, with his head down in shame,

Voices screaming, voices crying,
But he doesn’t hear a sound,
Just stares down,

He can’t even take a water cup,
Can’t even stand on his own,
Even though he is in his own home,

And as they march,
He can’t hear the angels crying,
And he can’t see his heart slowly dying,

He just stood there,
Marching on and on,
Like a king looking for a throne,

And that angle couldn’t hear the trumpets,
He couldn’t hear the one hundred million angles singing,
Nor voices calling nor voices crying,

The Angle in Black,
He did forgive,
He did not forget,

As a thousand million white angles looked for a reason,
For the one they can accuse of treason,
The angel in black looked not for any reason,

He just looked, looked in the past,
Where life was beautiful,
The past that he wished to last,

And as they marched through the snowstorm,
The angle in black gathered his strength, he looked up to the sky,
Asking “why did my brother have to die?”

And with all his strength he looked up,
Through the snowstorm he saw a rainbow,
A rainbow in a snowstorm.


Poem – Timeless Blood






To whom must I bow,
The cattle in the back of me,
Or the king in front of me?

All the same,
With or without a name,
The wolfs have fangs,

Is it fair?
Screaming, is it just?

No one can hear,
No one can see,
When the wolfs come for you and me,

And so I spoke,
I spoke against the ones that are hear,
They us, I saw their fear,

Cowards of the same blood,
Tricksters and pranksters of the court,
All of them came towards us,

I spoke, I spoke my words loud and clear,
From me, they felt fear,
But did they fear you?

Family bonds are just more than blood,
Brothers are more than that,
Yet when they came for me, guess who they did attack?

The swarms passed through me,
I did my best,
Protecting you was my first priority,

Hope is what remained of me,
And as I looked your eyes,
I could see my own story turn into a tragedy,

And the smile on your dead face,
With the eyes piercing through me,
Oh dear brother, why couldn’t you hear me,

Dear brother, open eyes but you couldn’t see me,
Open mouth, smiling, yet not talking to me,
Why won’t you come back to me?

And so I spoke,
I spoke for me,
But in the end, it took away my right and my left hand,

Now I can clearly see,
Yet I can’t see you,
Now I can clearly hear,
But I can’t hear you,
Now my words have a message,
But it will never get to you,
Yet when I think about you, I remember you smiling,
So that’s the thing I shall try to do.

Poem – Dream On






I used to sit on the throne ,
My mind was blown,
When you are at the top,
You don’t look up,
You look down,
And that’s the big mistake,
That’s the mistake that I made ,
When you at the top go on ,go higher,
Because if you don’t ,
The top will move down to the bottom,
And you start from zero again ,
But how can you start from zero,
If you think your giving a 100%?
Now don’t let others fool you,
Stay true to you,
And never stop,
I can see it in your eyes,
An open window,
You took it for granted,
And now you are left empty handed,
Start something new,
Be true to whats inside of you,
And climb the ladder to the top,
Do what ever it takes,
Break a sweet,
But never give up on your dream,
Because the day you give up on your dream,
It’s the day that you give up on yourself,
But not only yourself,
You give up on all the people,
On all the people that supported your dream,
You think they are not many, but look around you,
Look at your friends,
Look at your family,
Look at the world ,
All of those want you to make it ,
Doesn’t matter if they show it or not,
Actually I don’t care what the world says,
I believe in you,
I trust you,
I think you will live your dream,
But you can’t give up on it now,
Not yet,
Lets dream,
We gonna make it,
One day,
One grateful and amazing day,
We will stand on a high hill,
And scream at the top of our lungs ,
And no one could tell you otherwise,
But that don’t mean you need to look down at them,
Help people live their dream,
Remember this my friend,
Your dream, its not the only dream,
Don’t you ever forget the things I said,
I know its hard now,
But dream on,
Dream on my friend.

Poem – Done

Walked my way,
There was no place I could stay,
Walked the dark path alone,
Then you said ,
Can I tag along?
I looked at you,
Didn’t know what to do,
I just shook my head,
But you didn’t let go,
And I thought I would just go,
But you kept me there,
That was the end of the road for me,
When I thought I couldn’t see,
You were there for me,
When I thought I couldn’t hear,
You screamed at me,
When I thought I couldn’t feel,
You gave in to me,
That’s why now I can do all those things,
You set me free,
And you wont let me be,
And than you and I ,
Became we.

Poem – Do You?

Ok so tell me something ,
Can you see what you have done to me?
Just listen to my heart and you will know,
Because then you will know whom I am falling for,

Falling hard, some people call it clumsy some call it art,
But what do I care when I am allowed to stare at you,
Oh and I wouldn’t exchange that for anything,
Don’t judge, you want to stare too,

Just to get to kiss you I walk a mile the thorny shoe,
So pay me always attention and play with me,
And I promise you won’t ever lose me in the crowd ,
Because I will always be close to you,

Do you know, do you know?
What you made me do?
How I can’t stop smiling because of you?
And that’s only the start of what you did to me,

Sometimes it feels like I don’t know what I do,
But that’s only partially true,
So tell me do you like me like that?
Tell me, tell me, tell me,

Do you like me?
Do you like me like this, because if you do,
I require a hug and a kiss.

Poem – Day by Day






Day by day,
I think of you,
And why you passed away,
You were my friend,
My brother from another mother,
I cant stand the thoguhts,
That you are gone,
And that you left me alone,
Heaven has you now,
But we want you down here,
Tear by tear,
We wish you were here,
Praying for you,
To have it better up there,
And when the time comes,
I hope to see you there.

Poem – Rainbow in a Snowstorm






Short time, even shorter play,
That’s how our lives drift away,
With no time to care, love or cherish,
In the end, because of time we all parish,

Memories is all that remains,
Great days in the sun,
Amazing stories of the young gone,
Remembered in a sad, sad song,

As for me, no burden is greater,
No fear more frightening,
Yet everyone think they can feel the same as me,
I hope you won’t ever feel like me,

Because the burden that I carry is not a single one,
There are many,
In many shapes and many sizes,
All impaled in my back, hence I can only feel them,

I can not see, I just feel,
Going forward, dripping blood,
Feeling like there are daggers, axes, hammers and even a sword,
All impaling my back, while you hold onto the grips,

Those shadows, those heavy burdens,
They all want to grab a hold of me,
Pull me back, destroy what I build out of me,
But my brother stood tall, and I shall stand even taller,

For each of your pull I will grow stronger,
For each of drop of my blood I will grow taller,
And one day, one faithful day,
I will turn around,

And on that one day,
On the beautiful day,
The same as it was once before,
I shall see the rainbow in the snowstorm once more.