Poem – Timeless Blood






To whom must I bow,
The cattle in the back of me,
Or the king in front of me?

All the same,
With or without a name,
The wolfs have fangs,

Is it fair?
Screaming, is it just?

No one can hear,
No one can see,
When the wolfs come for you and me,

And so I spoke,
I spoke against the ones that are hear,
They us, I saw their fear,

Cowards of the same blood,
Tricksters and pranksters of the court,
All of them came towards us,

I spoke, I spoke my words loud and clear,
From me, they felt fear,
But did they fear you?

Family bonds are just more than blood,
Brothers are more than that,
Yet when they came for me, guess who they did attack?

The swarms passed through me,
I did my best,
Protecting you was my first priority,

Hope is what remained of me,
And as I looked your eyes,
I could see my own story turn into a tragedy,

And the smile on your dead face,
With the eyes piercing through me,
Oh dear brother, why couldn’t you hear me,

Dear brother, open eyes but you couldn’t see me,
Open mouth, smiling, yet not talking to me,
Why won’t you come back to me?

And so I spoke,
I spoke for me,
But in the end, it took away my right and my left hand,

Now I can clearly see,
Yet I can’t see you,
Now I can clearly hear,
But I can’t hear you,
Now my words have a message,
But it will never get to you,
Yet when I think about you, I remember you smiling,
So that’s the thing I shall try to do.