Poem – Ink

Each story is individual,
Each chapter is magical,
Yet the ink is not limitless.

What is a complete story?
A masterpiece?
Do you really wanna know?

Well then, let me tell you what I know

That kind of story is not in my heart,
It is not in my soul,
Not in my head,

The story you are looking for you will never find,
You shall never see,
Nor hear from me,

A story that found it’s way to you,
The masterpiece for you,
That story, the one you looking for…well it is so much more

It is the slow dance you do in your room,
The breath you take of your favorite perfume,
Oh and let’s not forget the fire that burns in you when you feel the love,

It is in the shadows of your past,
The rainbow of your future,
And the nature of the present,

Never let someone fool you,
The story you are looking for,
It is inside of you,

The glory of the victor,
The pain of failure,
And the fire burning inside, asking for more

It is the story in your head,
The story in YOUR HEART,

ANd that story my dear friend I want to read again,
and again and again, until my story finds an end,
Until our stories write down the final chapter,

Until then my friend,
Let’s write it together,
Let’s make the masterpiece that never ends,
But let’s not leave it in the angels hands,
as we shall be the ones to read them up again and again until the end.


Poem – The Warrior One

The gentle wind blows away the blood of my face
A battle that never ends, tears that never dry
Gently walking over the field of stained flowers
Looking up to the sky, even the sky cries
Even the blue and sunny sky is in pain
And it rains, oh god it rains down on me
Washing away the last drop of blood off of me
I can hear the wolves sing, they howl
The crows fly above me and they watch
They watch me closely
As if I am the enemy, as if I am the only one
The fallen, the alive and the wounded
They all stare at me,
As I created my own tragedy.