Writing Guide – Word Limitation, Good or Bad?

There comes a time where you think about writing something, but you read somewhere that writing that kind of thing will require X words to be good. Let say you have to write an article for a basketball review and you read somewhere that there is a minimum of 1000 words for an review article to be good. What would you do?

Well let us get into the topic on why limitation is not good for you or your writing.

The More The Faker

To make an engaging article, you should always write like you are telling someone a story. It is not as easy as it sounds, but the more relaxed you are and the less complicated you make it, the better. Hence the “required” word count for your post is a very bad concept. You can easily describe a product with ten sentences or with two, but the importance is the content of those sentences. Just compare those examples and see what’s the best:

  1. “The basketball bounces, and it is really orange. It arrives without the air so you have to prepare your pump and pump air in it, unless you don’t want it to bounce.”
  2. “Basketball X7 is a very new model of the X Company which is famous for their indoor balls that are used for most official games in Europe. The texture of the ball feels great in your hand and it is not slippery even when the ball is new. Those balls are also good for outdoor play, but will, as all leather balls, fray and will not be good for play later.”
  3. “Basketball X7 is a round shaped object made out of special leather that is imported from Kongo, while the rubber that is underneath is from Germany. It can be filled with 2 kg of air and the optimal pressure inside the ball should 1.6 to 1.8, for an optimal bouncing off the ground. The ball should be filled up with air before usage due to the ball requiring air to function. It’s round shape is not so round¬† but still round enough so you can be able to dribble the ball like you should when you fill it up the air. It is a good product.”
  4. “A perfect example of a good indoor basketball is the Basketball X7, the newest ball from X company, which is again a leather ball made for indoor plays but it can be used outside as well. The ball will be used in European major leagues from next year and is currently considered as the candidate to replace the official basketballs around the world. It’s made out of quality leather and hence the price is a bit above average, but it still affordable and worth every penny. You can buy it on the x website or in their stores around the world.”

As you can see there is a big difference between 1,4 and 2,3. Two and three are very bad written, they don’t help you at all, while one and two are better written but a bit more helpful. Compared to two and three, one and two are just providing you the information you need without any extra fuss(like three).

So as you can see sometimes it can just look fake and forced like the number two and three, and readers will just close the window and google again, hence words do not matter but the content does, your style does, and this is the sole reason you need to practice.

Limitations Force You To Write Stupid Stuff

Think about having to write an essay back in high school or grade school. Remember “You must have at least a thousand of words for the essay on this book that is very boring but I force you to read and write about.” , if you remember you can clearly remember the pain to find more words so your sentences are longer and so you can just finish it with the given quota. Now imagine doing the same essay without any requirements. Amazing right?

Not only would you be able to express yourself the way you want to, but your essay value would rise immensely, because when you can tell it your way without any worry you will be able to prove your point way easier, and it wouldn’t look like you used thesaurus for every word.

In conclusion, be yourself and tell the story, don’t tell it about yourself (remember no one cares about you, I wrote a guide on why that is here), but tell the story/your opinions about the product.

Writing Guide – The Impact of Words aka Content is King






Hello fellow creative minds, today I shall explain the phrase “Content is King” and associate it with writing stories, poems, ebooks and articles. With this guide I hope I will be able to help you out a bit when it comes to writing better content for your blog, site, e-book, or just for someone special.

The idea behind this is one relevant throughout the business world, quality over quantity. This means we can apply this as well when it comes to words. When it comes down to it one can consider the following example to explain the whole mindset of “Content is King” :

Two Letters to the same person.

This is how we will do it, we shall write two letters to the same address, same postal code, same person: Dad. Now I want you to read it carefully and see if you can notice the different effects the letters have.

Letter writing
Writing a Letter

Letter to my dear father(Letter #1):

Dear dad,
I miss you, a lot. Everyday is going good, but it would be way better if you were near me. Sorry for not being able to call you that often lately, I was a bit busy with life, you know how it is, you went through it, even with me holding onto your back you went for it.

Everything is fine I must say, I just miss you a bit, and being independent is not that fun as I thought it would be, but thanks to you I learned enough to handle myself the right way, and hey you told me “if you fail you can always come back home” so I do not worry that much, I just go head first into things…and yes I know it’s not that good to do so, but don’t worry I will manage it.

Well I hope you are doing fine, hope mom is not making your hair grayer than it is, and I hope my brother is not making a mess in the house like always. Anyway I will call you soon enough.

Love ya the most,
Penny Petterson Patty Pat Pet

Letter to my whatever dad(Letter #1)

Hi person that is my biological maker,
Listen, I don’t really want to be talking to you no more, I mean you were just a shitty father this hole time so why do you thing anything would change now?
I ma just letting you know with this notice that you shouldn’t contact me unless I contact you first and we resolve the things. It’s not you it’s….well it is actually you because you messed up this situation on your own.

Hence I envy the people who have a real dad in their life and he gives his all for them, unlike you did for me. Now I hope you are well, because I am still a human being, but I still wish in my head that you are followed by a bit of bad luck. I tell my friends that my dad died, so if you decide to show up and talk to any of them you might end up in jail.

To make it short, I hope I never see you or your crazy face again.

Most hate and wishes for your death,
Penny Petterson Patty Pat Pet

P.S. Tell mom to go with you to hell as well.

Imagine the different reactions from Dad for each of the letters. Saw that warm and happy smile of the first letter? And the noticeable anger in his eyes as he forcefully ripped apart letter #2 you wrote?

There is only one difference between those two letters, as both have the same address, same postal code, same paper, same envelope and the same receiver. Have you noticed it?
That’s right, it is the content of the letter, the words that are written on the blank pages.

This leads us to the phrase Gary Halbert uses in his conferences: “The words can have a Huge impact on the conversions, of anything”

Translated: Words can have a HUGE impact on someone reading it. With the content(your writings) you can emotionally affect another person.

That emotional effect can be one that convinces someone to buy that pain killer cream for their ankles or make someone remember their passed away brother, or just make a person laugh hysterically, my favorite though would be to make a person smile from ear to ear.

How is that relevant to my writing?


Very. Simply put you cannot write a random piece of emotional wreckage and expect it to do good with your audience, whether that audience is your close family or the world.
Making someone feel something while reading some of your work is the goal in every written document, whether he should feel the need to buy a product described in your article or feel like crying or laughing.

I am sure you are very aware that there are millions and millions of ebooks online, but only a few sell right?
That’s the reason. Good writing, good content inside of them.
Yes it is not only that, you will need some promotion too, but you can promote a book as much as you want, if it’s content is crappy it won’t do well.

Can I practice this type of writing? If so how?


Yes, and the first practice ritual of yours should be reading. Let us say that you want to write an article about a key chain. The first thing you should do is read a few articles about key chains, see how they make you feel, see how each verb and adjective connect and affect your mind. When you find a good article you like, that gives you that “man this key chain is awesome” feeling, research it. See what makes it so special and why it affects you in that way, then check if others are feeling the same.

The second one is pretty simple: Imagine being a reader.
As soon as you get into the mindset of a reader, you will be able to see if you would consider your work worth reading or if you rather use it as burning material. When writing one must concern themselves with the readers perspective. Not everything that sounds good in our mind sounds good in the others mind.

Third option would be finding an proof reader who will help you by telling you how your work is and where they felt it was a bit off.




Every written piece holds in it some value, and that value is decided by the reader whether you like it or not it’s not up to you to decide but your audience. That means that we need to go deep into our works and imagine how a reader would feel when reading our works. To be certain and get into that mindset you can ask yourself questions, for example:

Р Story Writing

  • Is it interesting for to read?
  • Does it get the reader into the atmosphere I want?
  • Can I read it easily?
  • Does it keep the reader interested through the whole book?

– Poetry Writing

  • Does it engage the reader?
  • Can it bring the reader to an emotional state?
  • Is it sending the message I want to send?

– Article Writing

  • Does it sell the item I am writing about?
  • Is it interesting to read?
  • Does the article bring any value to the reader?

– E-book Writing

  • Is it researched well enough?
  • Does it contain the information the reader needs?
  • Can it be better?

All in all I hope this guide helped you improve a bit of your thought process, as for the writing you have to improve that yourself. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below the article.