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About The Writing Hut

The Writing Hut is a platform where you can share your writings! Expose yourself to the world and let them know how you feel through poetry, engage them through your story telling(writing) skills, or show off by making guides on how to write better. Also we are an online shop where you can order books, mangas and so many more things that are related to writing!
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How does The Writing Hut Work?

Simple as it can be. There is the site, there are your works, we fuse them and we get an site that has awesome poetry, interesting stories and amazing guides. That’s all thanks to you and your work. And if you are new, don’t worry, we are here to help you out and we will show you how to become a top quality writer and impress the person you love with a personalized poem.

How can I write for The Writing Hut?

Of course you can write for The Writing Hut, use our forum or just contact us at contact@thewritinghut.net or add me on skype @TheSolkotovic, or even message us on twitter @TheWritingHut or facebook @TheWritingHut.

How does one stay up to date with the newest posts on The Writing Hut?

It is not that hard to keep up with us, we have a simple subscribe feature that will email you when we publish a new post. It is on the right side of the home page, as you can see in the picture below. Just add your email in the red marked area, then click subscribe and then the only thing to do is conform your email.

What do you want to achieve with The Writing Hut?

I hope that one day The Writing Hut will become a community of writers and critics that share their love and passion for the literal world with everyone through this platform.



13 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Thanks S, really enjoy the writing on your blog as well. When I fix my blog up a bit I shall contact you, of course if you are interested, to let me share some of your writings on here πŸ™‚ .

      1. I’m glad you liked some of the work, but can you tell me which pieces stuck with you so far. I’d like to get specific feedback, so pardon the questions.
        Also, thank you for the offer! While I’d never considered having my work shared or featured, I’d love to consider it a possibility!
        -Author S

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. What is the goal of your blog? Is it to create a space for writers to connect or is it to offer a place for writers to share their work or both? Good luck.

  2. Hello Writinghut, my name is Gregory Thomas. Thank you for liking my poems on my blog at
    I thank you very much, and will be sure to check out your writing as well. Let’s keep in touch. πŸ™‚

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