Poem – Where do I cry?

No dream was too big for me,
But they all failed,
As life took you away from me,

When I found out,
What do you think I did?
Nothing, I didn’t believe it,

Deaf to the news,
Blind to the work,
Can’t see good food,

Sinking in the darkness that surrounds me,
I started drinking,
What else can I do when I can’t cry out that I lost you?

The story, like every good one has a start,
And it starts back in the days,
When I first started to dream,

I mean when I first started to fear,
When I first started to see what will happen to you,
What will happen to me,

No one told me life would be so painful,
They all showed me how fun it could be,
But no one, no one told me what it really is,

And since I found out,
I didn’t let a sound out,
I just told you,

You, only you,
Yet did you hear?

No, no, no,
You never listened to me,
You loved yet hated me,

And yet you were everything I wanted to be,
You were my stability,
You were my ability, my ability to live,

You know, it hurts,
It is a pain,
When I call out your name in vain,

Dreams and visions are slowly going away from me,
Yet I still dream,
I still dream of you and me,

Why are you so happy?
And in my dream we still play,
Like back in the day,

And I hope,
When I wake up,
It’s not just a dream,

Yet when I wake up in the morning,
You are still not there,
And you are still not here,

My dreams saw first death and death,
They then changed, I didn’t see them anymore,
And then they become success,

Dreaming of success and reaching it,
Seeing your dreams become reality,
That’s all what I wanted for you and me,

Yet when we came close,
I managed to step in through the door,
While it hit you in the face,
And you were left for dead on the floor.

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