Poem – Rainbow in a Snowstorm






Short time, even shorter play,
That’s how our lives drift away,
With no time to care, love or cherish,
In the end, because of time we all parish,

Memories is all that remains,
Great days in the sun,
Amazing stories of the young gone,
Remembered in a sad, sad song,

As for me, no burden is greater,
No fear more frightening,
Yet everyone think they can feel the same as me,
I hope you won’t ever feel like me,

Because the burden that I carry is not a single one,
There are many,
In many shapes and many sizes,
All impaled in my back, hence I can only feel them,

I can not see, I just feel,
Going forward, dripping blood,
Feeling like there are daggers, axes, hammers and even a sword,
All impaling my back, while you hold onto the grips,

Those shadows, those heavy burdens,
They all want to grab a hold of me,
Pull me back, destroy what I build out of me,
But my brother stood tall, and I shall stand even taller,

For each of your pull I will grow stronger,
For each of drop of my blood I will grow taller,
And one day, one faithful day,
I will turn around,

And on that one day,
On the beautiful day,
The same as it was once before,
I shall see the rainbow in the snowstorm once more.

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