Poem – Dare To Rust






Do you not care, do you not see ?
Do you breath the name of your savior in your hour of need?
Do you taste the blame, does the flavor remind you of your sin?

Can you stop the fire from within ?
What if I am the rain?
What if I am your savior?
Will you feed the rain?

The world starts to rust,
I think my heart is about to bust ,
It’s all a game , avoiding failure,
All in the name of the great savior,
And all those things we don’t need,

I am lost, I hope to never fall,
But that wouldn’t be the end to it all,
I want to feed the rain,
Let it pour ,
Because without it I am not alive,
Without it, it just rusts from the inside,

The savior looks down on us,
She smiles and doesn’t let the rain come and wash our sins away,
But this time I won’t need the savior ,
I will feed the rain, I am thirsty for love and I will dance,
I will dance under the sunny sky’s until someone cries.

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