Poem – Ball Is Life

I fight day by day,
To get great ,
To become a legend,
It’s my dream my path,
It’s my destiny to become what I want to be,
That what I shall be is long decided by my destiny,
“The legend” and “the great”,
Will be added to my name,
Everything you say can’t hurt me,
I am ready for every challenge,
Every game, every time,
I bring my A game to shine,
Record after record,
Score after score,
Until there is no more,
No one to challenge me,
No one to come near me ,
No one that will beat me,
Until when he appears,
I will train,
Develop my skills,
Until you can every crossover kills,
Until there are no more hard drills,
‘Till the day my eye turns black,
Till then I will practice, play defense and attack.

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