Writing Guide – The Importance of Headlines






We all know by now that first impressions are the most important when it comes to interaction with another member of the human race. Blogs are not part of the human race, hence they have a very different approach to things.

I am sure by now you failed to avoid clicking that click bait tittle that you knew will lead you to a spam site. Now those titles create the WCB kind of first impression. WCB is short for “won’t come back”. and this kind of impression is exactly what it sounds like. Yes you will get a few click, but no visitor will return to your site.

To be sure that you don’t fail under the WCB category you must create a good title. The important keys for a good title are essentially up to your research. Find out what your readers are looking for. For example in this blog I would post “Writing Guide – Simple Tricks to Write Faster” as a lot of you want to know how to write efficient and fast.

Do not try to create click bait titles or titles that are too simple, so “How to write a 1000 – page book in a day with our secret method” and “Get Better at Writing” are no goes. There are 3 attributes for a good title:

  • Informs the reader what the main topic of the article is
  • Promises the answer to the readers question
  • Gets the reader interested

The point is to combine those 3 attributes in a way that they fit together, balance each other one. We can’t have the full answer in the headline as it would make the article useless, why read more if you got the answer?

As stated the answer should be only hinted, and the reader should be made curious about the content of the article. With this, we can clearly say that the two last points (Promises of the answer to the readers question and Getting Readers Interested) have a few things in common, but don’t take it too lightly.

There are still a lot of differences between those two, take one out and you have a worthless article (In the case that the title gives the answer and doesn’t just hint it) or a click bait title(if you try to hard to interest the reader).

In Conclusion:

The title of your article should be an eye-catching, informative piece of work, that gives off enough details for the reader to be interested in the answer yet not able to know it for sure until he reads the whole article.

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