Poem – Afraid of You

Started with a look and a plain hello ,
Then the next thing I knew I was into you,
I couldn’t talk to you, I thought I’d bother you,
Was so shy I thought I’d die,
Oh well you know how it went down ,
Lucky we meet again in town and you got all over me ,
I could now clearly see, you wanted me ,

And I thought to myself,
What I am supposed to do, when I lose myself near you?
What I am supposed to do when I want you so bad yet I am so afraid?

But then you know,
I wasn’t freezing anymore, it wasn’t 20 below ,
And stood my ground, and you stayed with me,
That’s how we came to be.

4 thoughts on “Poem – Afraid of You

    1. Thank you very much. You have an interesting site yourself, really enjoyed the Tea Party tab, very interesting reads, some new some I read and shall reread again cuz they are that good. Thanks for reading!

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