Poem – I Won’t Sleep Tonight






So are we staying like this,
And I always said  “Love won’t find it’s way to me”,
But then it hit me,
When you found me,
Love found its way,

They said god blessed me,
Good life, Good looks and money,
But I never cared about god anyway,
So I threw all that away,
I just wanted to be me,

Can you see the real me?
So if you are staying, just say,
I am still breathing, my heart is still beating,
But it’s something wrong with it,
I look at you and know the reason why,

My heart skips a beat or two when I think about you,
And I feel free,
I told my mother I’d grow up one day,
But it ain’t today,
What can I say,

I am still breathing,
Falling in love with you every evening,
And I spent so many sleepless nights because of you,
When I thought I’d fall asleep I thought about you,
My heart went racing and I stayed awake,

The colors of the world I never seen before, I saw in you,
And whats the craziest part of this is you,
It was all planned out until you walked into my life,
And then the plan was just blown away by the wind of change,
I had to rearrange my whole life,

Started to rotate around you and my mind was gone,
The only thing I think about, is you,
And I can’t keep myself away from you,
So we are staying this way,
Let the wind blow us away,
Together floating flying away,
And again I won’t sleep tonight.

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