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I will be a bit blunt and mean here, but you all know already that the truth hurts. Nobody cares about you…when it comes to writing articles, product reviews and similar topics. As usual, and I am sure you know this from some of your experiences, people tend to put themselves in the first place, this is not all the time, but usually when people are reading an article they are seeking out something that will improve their skills, not that improved yours.

Let’s think about it clearly, your goal mostly is to sell something through your article, if not sell then to make the reader interested in what they are reading. The way to do so is find out what your readers like and write about topics that they might enjoy. Let’s for example take a basketball blog, a very specific blog for basketball, a coaching blog. For this blog to be a success one needs to write articles that will be very useful for the coaches reading it, not for your boosting. Because I have encountered lots of those kind of blogs where the writer would praise themselves more than the actual product or method. In a basketball coaching blog a no go would be something like :

“As a former player for club X, where I averaged X points per game and X assists, I did this type of drill to better myself and it worked out pretty well, I saw an increase in my passing abilities after only X weeks.”

That would be a terrible way of starting or even describing an article, just think what image it brought to your head. How many times did you hear “I did/I am” in your head while reading the sentence. It is just useless information for the reader as you can see. Now lets try to write it for the reader in a way he will be interested.

“The important part to know about this drill is your body, because positioning your body in X might not be comfortable for you hence the drill might not affect you at all. There are variations of body positioning for this drill and you should try to find a balance for your body type, like I found mine by lowering my body a bit more than needed. Also you can do this drill in this variation, helping your passing ability and strengthening the muscles needed for basketball.”

How does this sound?
More interested in learning basketball? Well maybe not, but surely you saw the difference in ME ME ME and YOU CAN.

Remember this one young and old writers, when a person comes across your writings it puts it in two categories: Useful for me or Spam.
Spam may be a harsh word but you have to get into that mindset of the reader. How many times did you push away an article because it was not useful for the things you needed at that moment?
So when writing always think about, how is this useful for the reader? Will he/she find the needed information?

For writing articles I always chose a topic and ask myself a few questions and try to answer them. This article had the following questions:

  • How does this help people writing articles better?
  • Why is it that people don’t care about the writer?
  • What methods can help people improve their writing so that their articles are engaging?

And the answers are as follows:

How Does This Help People Writing Articles Better?

This article will help you understand how readers thing, with given examples by your own experience. It is as stated above, when you read an article and you specifically typed, let’s assume you are twisted your ankle and you googled “How to ease ankle pain?” , you don’t want to know how to make pain killers, you just wanna know how healthy they are for you and how well will they help you.

Take yourself as an example, did you ever click on a click-bait article? I am sure you did, we all did, and then we see some stuff that are just not even worth opening, not to mention reading. Hence you have to get into the readers mind. Make a good article that will be put into practice as soon as the reader finishes reading or describe a product in a honest way so the reader knows what’s going on.

If you write a truthful review, and a user tests out the product and it is similar or exact as you said, you will get a visitor back to your page, heck maybe even a comment or more visitors (mouth to mouth promotion is still strong). Writing articles is not an easy job, but people think it must be easy, I mean how hard can it be describing something?
Very hard dear reader who never wrote one, it can be very hard to convince someone that you know about the stuff their are interested in with only text and images on the screen.

Why is it that people don’t care about the writer?

Do you care about the store salesman who sold you a TV?
Unless it is broken I think you don’t. The important stuff as always is the content and the product. You are just in the middle, basically a connection between needs and demands, and you have to promote demands, so of course people will jump over you and look at the product as you describe it to them.

The idea is that people care about you as a writer when you start to provide good quality content constantly. I will never say that you are not important as a person, everyone is important and of high value as a human being, but the articles are not about you, they don’t really concern you unless you tried the product and share personal experience. Readers are focused on what they can draw out from the article. For example this article, if you know this already you will just ignore it. It doesn’t add anything new to you, but for someone who never knew that it might be a game changer.

What methods can help people improve their writing so that their articles are engaging?

Now this is the part everyone was waiting for, the whole article is basically telling you that this part is the most important for you, yet here I put it at the end, why?
Easy to answer, because you already saw a method to get better and that is answering the questions for your topic. Let me give you a few examples of questions or how the method is used:

Example A:
Topic: After Pregnancy Stretchmarks
1)What causes stretchmarks
2) How to prevent stretchmarks

Example B: 
Topic: Ties
1) How to tie a Tie
2) How to chose a Tie
Example C:
Topic: Poetry Writing
1) What Poetry genres exist?
2) What’s the easiest poetry to write?
3) What defines a good poem?


Those are just some examples of what you can ask yourself, this method let’s you easily go to the readers mind and know exactly what you need to write so that your article is very valuable for the reader.


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