Poem – Gods and Humans

Turned up my radio to start a new day,
Mornings never seemed to come so slow,
Can’t do anything about it, you are no more,

Last night, my heart was racing,
I heard your voice scream across the nation,
Guess you reached your destination?

Is it just me, or does the world not need you and me,
Was it even a place we could fit?
Well now I have to deal with it,

I mean you left, you went away,
Why didn’t you take me with you on the same way?
Why did you leave me behind?

I know, I am losing my mind,
I can still see, I am not blind,
I can tell when it is time to say farewell,

For you and me, goodbye was never a thing,
I mean our love would sting,
Brothers as close as they could be,

But the darkness surrounding me just wouldn’t let me b e,
I didn’t want to drag you in it with me,
So I let you be,

I saw you grow up,
I saw you die on me,
Are you finally free?

But you won’t be able to hide form me,
Remember I was once a human as well,
Hence do not think you can run away,

Don’t think you can hide well enough from me,
Because once I get free,
Hell will fear me,

And thus dear brother of mine,
I say my farewells with a warning between the lines,
Because what else can you do when someone dies?

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