Poem – Despair of the Poet






The wolfs are howling,
It’s a sad howl,
Souls are wandering, searching for it,
Despair, once it was just a word,
Today it is the world,

God let us down once again,
Nor an enemy nor a friend,
Just not there,
We had to look for it in despair,
It lead us to it,
Now we want it,

Life is chaos,
Chaos is beauty in the mind of a poet,
The poet knows, oh that poet knows the world he owns,
From chaos he creates peace,
Then rips the page,

Only chaos, that’s the state of his mind,
He does not want any help, yet he is kind,
What in the world does he need that chaos for in his mind?
Despair, despair dear friend,
It is where the poet comes to the end.

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