Poem – Bleed







Wide awake, I dream,
In that land I try to scream,
Here I can’t feel a thing,
It hurts, I can feel the pain.

Blood is flowing down,
I can feel it on my skin,
The pain comes from within,
Like I am starting to rust.

It cannot be seen,
It cannot be felt,
Only from within,
Only there you can see it, only there you can feel it.

Dreams, how pitiful,
You have them, but you can’t feel the pain,
It stops the blood in my vein,
And it makes it rain.

I try to walk away,
But I can’t move,
I have to stay,
The heart is burning.

The world is burning,
My head is turning,
Everything is painful,
Yet I don’t wake up.

I don’t wake up,
Like a dead man I can’t move,
I don’t see a savior,
Only taste the flavor of pain.

The rain, ah the rain saves me a gain,
A drop, landing on me,
Wakes me up, it saves me,
I am back, from the dream land.

True colors bleed,
All in the name of dreams,
Dreams…those I don’t need,
I do not want to bleed.

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