Story – Who is that person in the mirror?

No one, not your parents, not your friends, not the audience that you pass on daily in your life will ever know the true self inside of you, none of them will see the person you see in the mirror, not until that one faithful day.
But until that day has come you will change your costume, you will change your mask you will change your make up, your shoes, your hats, your eyes, your lips, everything. You will change everything, until you get yourself the right parts, until you can show the person you see in the mirror every morning. The gift that you will bring to the world on that day is priceless. At that day, the black dog will become all fuzzy and cuddly again, it won’t bark or clench its teeth aggressively towards you, it will look at you in the mirror with a gentle gaze and a smile like expression on its face.
Passion. Beauty. Love. Art. That’s what you will see, art.
The big black dog barking at you will now howl the most wonderful song as you look yourself in the mirror and love the you, the true you. Not those thousands of masks, shoes, lipsticks, hair dyes or any costume that you ever wore. You will see yourself as the universe created and shaped you, your true self.

Monday, oh Monday. What a beautiful day Monday will be when you can walk the way you want to walk, the way you always dreamed to walk, and when you open your mouth and start your talk, the audience will just grow.The people who never knew you will know you, and those who knew you will now finally know the true self of you.

What are we, if not food for the mother earth?
What are we, if we are not just walking artworks?
What are we, if not perfections filled with faults?

You know, I do not believe in an spirit, I do not believe in a soul dear reader, but if I would my soul would be scar filled as any other if not more, but when I look in the mirror I do not wish those scars to fade away. No, no, no!
I want to have my scars, the scars are the things I was, the things I am. Scars show, that I once was close to finding out if God is real or not, but I survived, I dreamed and I wondered, my “soul” wondered into this cruel cruel reality of living, and you know what dear reader?
It is laughing, it is laughing, joyfully while reminding how all those scars were made on it.
I challenge you, I challenge you to look into your “soul”, into your mirror, what do you see what others don’t?

Do you see it?
Do you see the one you want to be?
You don’t…well let me tell you something, look beyond the mask.

Do you now see the one you? The only true self, whatever you do, you need to stay true.

It’s easy to forget who we are as our mind grows older, as our body grows weaker. But only one look in the mirror, only one minute of seeing our true self is enough. It is enough to bring us back on our path.

Look deeper, you will see the beautiful person you are!
You are not loved?
Well go out and give love, share the love and it will come to you.
Do you remember…do you remember how good life is?
The complexity of life is beyond our grasp at the moment…that’s a lie, many know this yet they still lie to themselves. Those poor lost souls, a look in the mirror will guide them back on the right path of life.

In the darkest night, let your light shine the brightest. Kindness and love should be spread from your soul as in return you will get love and kindness back. You will be hurt, as many times as there are stars. The wounds will eventually become scars, and those scars you should wear proudly.

The scars on my soul are not visible to all, the scars are there but only people who care can see them. Humans have not the abilities to see all the scars, so forgive them. Shower others with love and you won’t be able to see yours, no matter how big they were, they will all go away with the love that will come your way.

Let them be a reminder, that livingĀ  is worth living everyday.

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