I will never be perfect, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to find the perfect one. This thought goes on and on in my mind no matter what happens to me in life, and when I think I found the prefect person she corrects me and shows me what a big mistake I made.
Does my happiness depend from someone else? Oh another thought that wanders constantly into my mind, could you believe it? Me thinking about such a hard topic at such an early age. I might be one of a kind , a guy who actually thinks about romance, laughable by society until society finds out I am 6’6”(2m) tall then society kinda looks a bit scared the other way and only talks about me behind my back, well its the same for everyone I guess. But hey , there is always a bright side of the…what was it shoe ? Well I guess one side is brighter than the other as on one you step. What a great comparison, the life of a human being with soul and bones and everything, not that any of you have a pure soul thats worth anything, and the life of a shoe . Like you know everyone can be beautiful on the outside like a shoe but if you look down on its sole most of us have dirt under it. I myself probably need to clean my shoes , don’t know bout you but I think you should check yours from time to time too.

6 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. People really shouldn’t judge others before having a good look at themselves. I do like the comparison between shoes, and people.Kind of got me thinking about how shoes can tell a lot about a person yet nothing at all. Simply looking at them doesn’t mean you know everything, and bringing it back to people, I think a lot of them don’t realize they really don’t know anything. Hoping that makes sense.

  2. I agree with Dearly Sweet they should look at themselves before judging others. Judge others like how you would like to be judged. 🙂

  3. This is a very good comparison of what goes on in the world. People need to just be more humble and loving. They wonder why they don’t have many friends is because they judge too much. It takes time to really get to know someone instead of making quick decisions the first time you see them. Get to know people, you’ll get more friends! Buy some shoes too while your at it 🙂

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